Rockport Country Club Estates Homeowners Association


Are you interested in serving on the Architectural Control Committee(ACC)? If so contact our HOA President, Darrell Dean PH: 210-387-5536 or for more information.


The ACC is composed of 3 or more volunteer members appointed by the RCCE-HOA Board for a term of two years. This Committee operates under the RCCE HOA Board and receives input and guidance from the Architectural Control Board member.  A member of the ACC may not be an HOA Board member, spouse of an HOA Board member or reside in a current HOA Board member’s residence.


The ACC meets once a week, or as needed to review Architectural Control Applications submitted by our residents or their contractors. This is a very important position for our community, monitoring and giving guidance to residents in order to maintain compliance with our deed restrictions and by-laws as they relate to various building and improvement projects.


If you have an interest or background you feel would be beneficial in serving on this committee, please step forward to make a difference. We currently have open positions that need to be filled.