Rockport Country Club Estates Homeowners Association


One of our members at the March 23, 2024 Annual Membership Meeting voiced concerns over how the two new culverts, which were recently installed under Pearl Street, would increase stormwater flow into Tule Creek and potentially have a negative effect on RCCE properties. In response to that concern, Ken Baron met with David Reid, Aransas […]

2024 RCCE HOA Board of Directors Election Results

Congratulations to The following members elected to your Board of Directors effective March 23, 2024. Ken Baron, Pam Dixon Frost, and Eric Soness At the regular board meeting, following the annual meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Richard Peters to fill the vacancy created with Greg Stevens’ resignation, bringing us back to a full HOA […]


You should have received your ballot in the mail announcing the RCCE HOA Annual Member Meeting, 2:00pm Saturday, March 23, 2024 at the Rockport Country Club. Please cast your ballot. Vote for up to THREE (3) of the 4 candidates: Ken Baron, Pamela Dixon-Frost, Richard Peters and Eric Sonnes.   You must sign your ballot in order […]


Are you interested in serving on the Architectural Control Committee(ACC)? If so contact our HOA President, Darrell Dean PH: 210-387-5536 or for more information.   The ACC is composed of 3 or more volunteer members appointed by the RCCE-HOA Board for a term of two years. This Committee operates under the RCCE HOA Board and receives […]

Email Registration Policy – All Homeowners

The HOA Board has adopted an email registration policy and it should be in your mailbox now.  In the effort to save on postage costs when official notifications must be made, we are asking for you to register your email address in order that those notifications can come to you electronically.  This applies to all […]


Let’s do some spring cleaning by reviewing the most “hot-topic” complaint items: Nothing in town is far enough away to need more than 30 mph to get there; Those who know me know I’m a regular Jed Clampett sittin’ on the porch all day. Yesterday I saw a driver take out my neighbor’s trash can; […]

Running a Business From Home

Let’s do some spring cleaning by reviewing the most “hot-topic” complaint items: This is prohibited by our Protective Restrictions and Covenants. These are dead giveaways: Work crews with trucks and equipment meeting in front of your house to plan the day’s work; Table saws and sawhorses in driveway, building projects for another site; Work wheelbarrow […]

Boat, RV, Trailers and Storage Unit Parking Update

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since Harvey made landfall?  As we wrap up this unforgettable year, just a friendly reminder that the variance temporarily allowing RVs, trailers, and portable storage units to be parked in your driveway will be coming to an end on August 31st.  There have been a number of […]

Trash Cans

Let’s do some spring cleaning by reviewing the most “hot-topic” complaint items: Yes: excellent job getting them to and from the curb in a timely manner. No: they don’t make good yard art the rest of the week. Too many sit in front of garage doors. What’s wrong with behind the doors or at least […]