Rockport Country Club Estates Homeowners Association

Lakeway Estates Development

Rockport City Manager, Vanessa Shrauner was guest speaker prior to our RCCE-HOA Board Meeting October 17, 2023 to tell us about Lakeway Estates. This is a new 159 acre proposed development that borders parts of Rockport Country Club Estates Unit 2 on Forest Hills and Augusta Drive. She shared valuable information about the preliminary plans and took questions from the Board and members. Most concerns were related to the type of homes proposed ($300,000-500,000 range) drainage and flooding impact as well as green space, retention ponds, trees, and wildlife displacement. She clarified that she has closed down the proposed roadway access through RCCE onto the Champions/Forest Hills intersection. The proposed entrances are now only Pearl Street and 35.

In her final comments she encouraged our Board and members that she was prepared to do as much as the power of her position allowed to have a new development of much needed local housing that was complimentary to the area and avoid negative impacts on the neighboring subdivisions. She also encouraged the Board and members to stay informed as this development moves forward, attend public meetings involving this development to be heard and to contact her with any questions we have. Contact Vanessa at 361-729-2213 ext 253

Board member Ken Baron, who serves as the Board’s Architectural Control Committee Liaison and keeps the Board up to date on drainage and flooding issues, addressed the Board and members during the regular meeting regarding this development. While you will see the plat application to the zoning commission stated that the lot was in compliance with the current Storm Drainage Master Plan, Ken’s concern was that this plan is outdated. In his review of the Development Conceptual Plan he and residents of Forest Hills saw the potential for flooding and drainage issues which would negatively impact residents of the Rockport Country Club Estates.

Rockport Planning and Zoning Commission meeting September 18, 2023, staff recommended the approval of the Major Subdivision Conceptual Plan/Preliminary Plat submitted by Hamed Mostaghasi and Hossein Mostaghasi., for development of a 431 lot single-family residential and 3 commercial lot subdivision to be known as Lakeway Estates, property located at 3250-3330 SH 35 Bypass otherwise known as JW Paup Survey ABC 179, 152.582 acres & 6.887 acres, City of Rockport, Aransas County, Texas

The detailed information and map can be found here.

Details from the September 18, 2023 Rockport Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting