Rockport Country Club Estates Homeowners Association


One of our members at the March 23, 2024 Annual Membership Meeting voiced concerns over how the two new culverts, which were recently installed under Pearl Street, would increase stormwater flow into Tule Creek and potentially have a negative effect on RCCE properties.
In response to that concern, Ken Baron met with David Reid, Aransas County Engineer on April 26th to gather more details. David explained the new culverts are part of the coordinated City/County long term stormwater drainage plan. The new larger capacity culverts will drain the same exact property as the previous drains. Therefore, at the present time no additional water should flow into Tule Creek. If the area on the west side of Pearl Street is developed, there will be more runoff due to any new roads, driveways, roofs etc. that would drain through the culverts. Developers will be required to install retainage ponds, similar to those in the RCCE, in order to restrict outflow to the culverts and into Tule Creek.
Pending design of those future retainage pond drains, it is difficult to anticipate if water flow at any moment in time will be more or less than current conditions. We know that in RCCE too much restriction of stormwater flow from retainage ponds can cause flooding in the immediate area, therefore proper engineering of the drains is required.
In summary, total stormwater flow to Tule Creek will increase with development due to increased runoff.  Our opinion is this is a responsible stormwater plan for anticipating development in the area and is being coordinated with other improvements to Tule Creek.
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